You look fantastic

You look fantastic

People don't hire EchoDek because we're great. Although we are.

It's because we make them look great.

(Sure, they were pretty good-looking to start with, but we add that cherry on the top.)

One of my clients had a data problem. Or rather, their customers had a data-problem.

They did print management - handling the design and production of printed materials.

Which meant lots of data flying around. Mainly in spreadsheets.

As print deadlines approached, people got stressed. Revisions became more important.

But could you be sure that the spreadsheet you were editing was the latest version?

What if Sally was making changes here while you were making changes there?

Can we really be sure that what we are sending to the printers is 100% accurate?

So we built a database for them.

Their customers upload their data into the storage area and edit it from there. We could link to any existing systems they already had, but ours would become the "truth". If it wasn't in there, it wasn't going to print.

Say goodbye to multiple versions of a spreadsheet.

Say goodbye to two people overwriting each others changes.

Say goodbye to last minute panics over who has the master copy.

We built the database. And our client looked fantastic in front of their customers.

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Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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