Why do a sales pitch?

I never thought I would do sales. It's a horrible, dirty job, for slimy bastards. That's the conventional wisdom.

Nowadays, I love it. I love talking to people. I love hearing about what they do, what excites them, where they want to be in a years' time. And I love figuring out if I can help them get there.

If I can't help I'm all too happy to say "sorry, that's not for us". If I can help, then we need to make sure that working together is a win-win.

And that's where the sales pitch comes in.

It's not about saying "I'm amazing, give me money". It is about telling a story about how the type of help I can give brings benefits to both of us.

Take action What's the underlying message of your sales pitch?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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