What is the PDF Formula?

I'm not really that smart.

I thought the name of my programme is quite clever - "the PDF Formula" - because it stands for Prioritise, Design and Finance and everyone's heard of a PDF.

But none of what I do is actually original. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants and all that.

So if you don't want to sign up with me, or you don't even want to do my free Five Day Challenge, I can show you exactly how to follow my programme without being part of it.

  • Prioritise - read "The 12 Week Year" by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington
  • Design - read "The Pumpkin Plan" by Mike Michalowicz
  • Finance - read "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz

(Can you tell I'm part of Mike's organisation, Profit First Professionals, as well?)

Because the point of the programme isn't that what I'm showing you is new. It's not some undiscovered gem.

These are all things that everyone already knows are effective.

The hard bit with all this stuff is actually doing the work. That's where I come in - I make sure you do the stuff you've promised yourself.

If you want to do it yourself, then check out the books and go for it.

But if you'd like a helping hand then get in touch and we'll see if it might work for you.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

Rubyist since 1.8.6. Freelancer since 2007, dedicated to building incredible, low-cost, bespoke software for tiny businesses. Also CTO at Collabor8Online.
Leeds, England