What happens when you lose a deal?

What happens when you lose a deal?

So I came up with a sales process. It made me more confident and boosted my business, without feeling like I was being a slime-ball. In fact, I feel better about my clients, because I know I can help them now. If you’d like to read more about how that happened, take a look here.

One of the questions I can now answer is “what do I do when I lose a deal?”

There are all sorts of reasons that a deal doesn’t work out.

Maybe the buyer just bought something similar last week.

Maybe they just can’t afford you at the moment.

Maybe your product doesn’t quite meet their needs.

But just because they’ve said no today, doesn’t mean that they will say no tomorrow.

So don’t lose touch with your prospects. Make sure you communicate with them (without being overbearing) - because, you never know, in 3 weeks/6 months/2 years time you could be just the thing they need.

Take action How do you follow up with lost prospects?

Rahoul Baruah

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