Three good things for October

October has been an amazing month for EchoDek.

  • Elaine coming on board has been amazing - if you're a client then you'll probably speak to her some day soon.
  • We've started work on our biggest ever contract. This is great, just from a "now we know that it's possible" point of view.
  • We had our highest monthly revenue in ten years of business. This is not just the new contract, but also a whole load of new clients coming on board - so EchoDek looks a whole different business to how it did even six months ago.
Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

Rubyist since 1.8.6. Freelancer since 2007, dedicated to building incredible, low-cost, bespoke software for tiny businesses. Also CTO at Collabor8Online.
Leeds, England