The trouble with being a perfectionist...

The trouble with being a perfectionist...

I'm a perfectionist, I am.  

I sweat the details.  

Make sure every pixel is perfect.  

Because of that it takes me ages.  

But is it really true?  Is that why it takes you ages?

Or is it because you're starting from scratch every time?

I do Ruby on Rails.  Rails is opinionated.  You're supposed to structure your code this way.  Put this over here.  Put that over there.  Do things the Rails Way.

But even then, the projects have inherited have all looked totally different.  

Whereas mine - they all look exactly the same.  

The same UI framework (just with minor styling differences).  The same basic structure (accounts, candidates, assessments, algorithms and reports).  The same automated testing tools.  The same deployment procedure.   The same happy clients.  

Because, when I meet someone who needs accounts, candidates, assessments, algorithms and reports, two things happen.  One, I know that I can do the job in no time.  And two, I know they will happily pay whatever I ask, because I've got a proven track record.  

So yes, I'm a perfectionist.  My systems are perfect for that type of client.  

But it doesn't take me ages.  

It's because I choose who I work for.  

Message me if you need to take control of your days and choose who you work for.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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