The Transition

Blair states that this is probably the easiest of the four conversations - if you've done the previous three correctly.

The transition is the one I alluded to in "the Structure of a Sales Pitch"

By this stage, the prospect knows what you are capable of, they know that you are only interested in meeting their business objectives and you have laid out metrics to prove that you are on the right path. In other words, the prospect should have complete faith that you know what the problem is and should have a very good idea that you know how to solve it.

The structure given above then adds some credibility to the power of your solutions - I've been here before and I've done something similar for someone else. The idea being to push them that last step - so they have faith in your solution as well.

There's one final step to throw in - give them a guarantee. I'll speak about guarantees later, but this double-whammy means that they have evidence of your solution and the risk is being taken away from it. They've got no reason not to buy.

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Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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