The Tinfoil Hat

I use DuckDuck Go as my primary search engine. It's not as good as Google, so i often switch to find what I need, but Duck Duck Go is privacy first, so that's my first choice.

I use Apple kit. As I explained, Apple's incentives are different to the other tech companies, so I trust them more. For example, Facebook on Android reads and stores your text messages. On iPhone it Can not do that.

I use AdBlockers when I'm browsing. Adverts are annoying and often get in the way of what im reading or watching, but more importantly, AdBlock software prevents trackers.

If this causes problems for your website's business model, I'm sorry. Maybe rethink your business model, for one that doesn't have the same trade-offs. I'm happy to pay a subscription to sites I find valuable.

Take Action: Now you know a bit more about how you're being tracked, what steps will you take to protect yourself?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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