The Seller’s Funnels

I said last time that each seller looks like a funnel.

That’s only half-true.

The best sellers look like multiple funnels.

You see, the best businesses don’t just sell once. They sell multiple times.

Sellers love repeat business, because the hard work of establishing trust is already done. Buyers love repeat business because they’re buying from someone they trust.

Each funnel is designed to sell a different product or service (including stuff that you give away for free). And each funnel is designed to work at a different speed, with different stages and actions within it. Because it’s all about trying to match the seller and the buyer so that they are in sync again.

So what happens when someone hits the bottom of your first funnel? Move them on to the next one. What happens if someone drops out of a funnel? Move them on to a different one.

Take action How many funnels do you have? What do they look like and how do they interconnect?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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