The Fool-proof way to build a Successful Business - part 9

This is part nine in a series on building a successful business - if you missed the start you can catch up here.

Step 5 is all about making sure that you deliver a great service.

To do that, we have a delivery process - analysis of your goals and objectives, the measures we use to ensure we are making progress and the value that each step gives to your business. How do we hook your prospects in? Which channels do we guide them down? How do we get them to come back for more? And how do we get them to recommend you to their friends?

Which means that I know what I’m doing. Every project is different but the spine is the same - is what we’re doing helping with the target of converting more leads into customers, more customers into repeat customers?

Take action: What's your delivery process? How do you make sure everyone works to the same system?

PS: If know someone you feel might want a bit of help with this stuff, send them here

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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