The Fool-proof way to build a Successful Business - part 7

This is part seven in a series on building a successful business - if you missed the start you can catch up here.

Steps one and two are to make sure that people want or need what we have, and, more importantly, that they're willing to pay for it.

At Client Robot, I help therapists, coaches and consultants define, refine and automate their sales process, so they can win more business with less effort.

Some businesses are fantastic at converting prospects to leads and know exactly what steps they need to take at any time to make the sale. Some businesses even do this automatically.

Those people don't need what I offer.

But some businesses don’t know where their leads are coming from. They don’t know why those leads don’t turn into a sale. They don’t know what their revenue is going to be in three months time.

These are the people I can help. And if I can show that the likely improvement in sales is going to be greater than the amount I charge, then it’s a no-brainer to use my services.

So we have people who want or need what I do. And we have people who are willing to pay.

I could do better, but I do pass steps one and two of the fool-proof business method.

Take action: Who wants what you are selling? How much are they willing to pay? This is your foundation.

PS: If know someone you feel might want a bit of help with this stuff, send them here

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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