The Facebook Privacy Experiment - update

So a while back I spoke about my little Facebook experiment. I'm refusing to accept their new terms and conditions, because I'm worried about my privacy and the tracking that they do.

Unfortunately, it's not just Facebook that's affected. Facebook owns a whole series of systems that are part of the fabric of modern life. I've already decided that I can't actually do without WhatsApp. It's the least intrusive of the lot and all it really knows about me is who I chat with and where I am (I have location services switched off for WhatsApp but they can figure out your location from other stuff, such as nearby Wifi networks regardless).

However, I'm writing this a few days on from GDPR day and I've had no negative consequences whatsoever (apart from occasionally having to close the "please review our policies" box). I've not accepted anything. And nothing seems to have changed. Maybe they're not as serious about GDPR as they first made out?

Update: since writing this I've been locked out of Facebook - I can't get past the "accept our settings" box. But my account is still active, as the Twitter link I have set up still posts through to my account. Which, in my opinion, is a breach of the law as I haven't accepted their terms.

Take action: Who knows what about you? Give it some thought and take a look at my little experiment, starting here.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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