The Brain Audit

In "The Brain Audit", Sean D'Souza talks about seven red bags. You've just got off a long flight and you're waiting for your bags to appear at baggage reclaim. You have seven red bags. Are you going to leave before all seven have arrived?

Sean says that there are seven elements that your marketing has to contain in order to attract customers. They won't buy until they see all seven, in the same way that you won't leave till you've claimed all seven bags.

The final bag is "uniqueness". I was going to meet the fantastic Bernie Leonard and I was listening to this section and really struggling to define what it was that made my company unique. Sean said it would be difficult, but it's vital for getting ahead of your competition.

But timing was on my side, as I will tell you tomorrow.

Take action: What makes your company unique?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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