Talking to strangers on the street

The other day, we went to the pub, then went to the shop to get some supplies for the evening (booze1 and unhealthy snacks). Sat outside was a homeless guy. I had some change in my pocket so I gave him some and said "there you go". He said "thank you, I just need to get some money for a bed tonight and you're the first person today who hasn't just given me abuse". It was gone 7pm.

I sat down with him and we had a chat. A bit about how the various hostels worked (if you don't get in on a Friday, you're basically locked out till Monday), about the people he was talking to to try and get some help, about how he sometimes feels like he doesn't exist as people look away.

I'm not saying this to be preachy or anything. It could be that he was totally taking me for a ride. But it's more likely that he wasn't lying about being ignored all day (face it, that's not improbable), and for a couple of minutes I might just have made him feel a tiny bit better. For the cost of a few coins and some time.

Take action: Talk to strangers, wherever they are.

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Rahoul Baruah

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