Talking to strangers

I think I opened my Twitter account in 2007.

I don't really like it there any more.

The official Twitter app is terrible (I can't understand what I'm seeing as everything is out of order and there's stuff from people I don't follow and I just don't get it)1

But more importantly, because I've been there for so long, I've watched as it changed.

Today, the best way to describe it is "if you ran a pub and the way you made the most money is when your patrons had a fight".

But I used to describe it as the best place to talk to strangers. And talking to strangers is a very valuable thing to do. You never know who you might meet and what you, or they, could learn.

Take action: Talk to a stranger. If you would like to promote your business I front of a group of very friendly strangers, drop me an email at

  1. I use an app called Tweetbot instead, which is lovely.
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