Root and Branch

Our minds are complex things.

There's our conscious mind - this is the bit that's reading these words, mulling them over, thinking about their meaning. You can probably hear it as a voice in your head. But also as images or our other senses.

But there's also our subconscious mind - this is the bit that actually controls us. We don't hear this voice, we don't see it. But we often feel it, without knowing exactly what it is. And more importantly, it often controls us, without us ever realising it.

This isn't a bad thing. It's there to protect us. It reacts faster than our conscious mind, and at a lower level, so it can deal with things before they become a danger. But this can also hold us back.

If you've got a persistent problem in your business, as I mentioned yesterday, it's probably something in the lower reaches of your mind, trying to protect you. And it may be time to teach your subconscious that it no longer needs to worry about it.

Take action: How do you really feel about that problem? Not what do you think - instead how do you feel?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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