Price is never an objection

My friend Lisa is fond of saying "price is never an objection". But despite that, she doesn't charge enough.

Price is never an objection. I used to smoke. It didn't really matter how much cigarettes cost, I would find the money from somewhere. They were a compelling purchase.

If you can show that a new machine in the customer's factory is going to triple their revenue in 12 months time, and the customer believes you then they are going to find a way to afford it. Whether that's cutting back elsewhere or getting a bank loan. It's a compelling purchase.

When Steve Brown is demonstrating his WaveGuide Lighting product, he can produce a chart showing that the savings you will make from installing the system will pay for themselves in 18 months, and then you continue to make those savings forever more - it's a compelling purchase.

Notice a pattern?

Take action: Is your product or service a compelling purchase? Do your prospects know that it's a compelling purchase?

UPDATE: Apologies - yesterday's letter was late. This was due to a technical issue. Where by "technical issue" I mean I set it to publish on the 4th of July, not the 4th of June and then had to reset the publishing time when I noticed that it hadn't been sent out.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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