One of my favourite players

I think the greatest player that I've ever seen in the flesh is Denis Bergkamp. He could do things with a ball that I didn't understand.

One of the most talented to ever play for Forest was Stan Collymore. He just decided "OK, I've waited long enough, now I'm going to score" and he did.

Forest fans favourite ever player is Stuart Pearce. All heart, a man-mountain. Never say die and break your legs.

But I'll always have a soft spot for David Prutton. Talent-wise, he wasn't amazing. He was in a Forest side that threatened to do great things but often fell short. However, Prutts did one thing that I'll always love. After every single game, as soon as the final whistle went, he rushed over to the Forest fans and applauded us. We may have had a great game, we may have had a rubbish one. He may have played a 'mare. He did it anyway. Without fail.

For that, I'll always love him.

Take action: What do you do to take control of situations that are out of your control?

Update: I wrote and scheduled these posts after the Colombia game. I didn't expect to get through to the semi-finals. I'm writing this update the day after the Croatia game. You'll note that the England team did the same and immediately went to the fans to applaud them.

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