Negotiate red flags, or just say no?

Negotiate red flags, or just say no?
The client asked for a proposal, which I wrote up. It included the writing of strategies, deliverables, and then on-going work ... However, they came back wanting more deliverables, without strategies, and were hoping I'd be able to 'update LinkedIn etc.' for them ... I then got an email saying 'can you look at doing this work too', which a big piece of work that wasn't outlined in my proposal, or mentioned in my feedback.

I'm meeting them for coffee again, however, I just don't think they see the value of having an experienced communications person, so they don't want to really spend a lot of time or money on the project.

Much as you'd like to help everyone, there will always be those people for whom you're not a good fit.   Who have different values to you.  Who work differently to you.  Wouldn't it be great if you could weed the wrong 'uns out before you even get started?

Nathan Thomas, tech genius from Coded4 talks about how he spots red flags amongst his potential clients and the ever so simple strategy he uses to deal with them.

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