My new best friend


You've got tons of things to do.

The list just keeps growing and growing.

You don't have the money to hire someone to take some of this stuff off your plate.

What do you do?

The 21st Century answer is to use a robot.

Or rather, use Zapier.

It's my new best friend.

It's a web-service that talks to other web-services.

You can design and build workflows - so when X happens over there, make Y and Z happen over here.

That sounds pretty abstract.

How about - when I schedule a meeting with A, 5 days beforehand, add a to-do to research the company, 2 days beforehand add a to-do to prepare an agenda and 1 day beforehand send an email confirming that the meeting is still happening?

Or - when it's the 1st day of the month, add in to-dos for all the housekeeping tasks that I normally forget about, scheduled throughout the month so I don't have a mad rush to keep everything up to date.

There's a whole load of stuff that you can do with Zapier and I plan on using it as the basis for a lot of things that we're working on.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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