Less administration, more income? Sounds amazing!

Less administration, more income?  Sounds amazing!

The music industry has undergone radical change in the last few years.

When a harassed record producer rang us up asking for some help with their members-only website, we were happy to help. Within weeks, we had automated the administration of their members' payments - putting in two tiers of subscriptions, swiftly followed by a third tier of free membership. This freed up their volunteer administration staff and gave them the time to invest in the content on the website.

Within a couple of years the site was making significant revenues through their membership subscriptions, offering exclusive offers, industry inside-information and a place for members to talk through and campaign on the issues of the day. Coupled with their famous industry awards and a series of events (again, with all ticket payments managed through the site) the association went from strength to strength, attracting many household names as members.

All of this was made possible by freeing up the time of the staff. Many were volunteers, helping out in-between jobs - so every minute saved chasing payments and handling renewals was time they could spend investing in the content of the site. Which in turn attracted more members, bringing in more revenue and bigger and better deals, offers and content for the group.

The software platform we built was specifically designed for this client, meaning no learning curve for the users (unlike with off-the-shelf packages where you often have to learn to work the way the software wants you to). This in turn meant that their staff could reap the benefits immediately.

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Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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