How to get clients...

How to get clients...

Sales is hard.  

Or is it?

When you think of a sales person, you probably have this image of THAT GUY, in a shiny suit, all white teeth and foot in the door.  

Who never shuts up, so you sign the damn contract just to get him out of your face.  

What a sleaze.  

Well, sales doesn't have to be sleazy.

In fact, it can be easy.

(ooh, a rhyme)

Clients want to know three things:
* can you help me reach my objectives? (Related - do you understand what my objectives are?)
* is the price you charge less than the return I will be getting from this work? (Related - how much will I get from this project?)
* how much of a risk is it if I hire you? (Related - why should I trust you?)

If you can answer these questions (and most people don't think about the second set and completely ignore the last pair), then sales becomes easy.  Because it just becomes the process of discovering the answers and laying them out in a way that the client understands.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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