How to do networking

How to do networking

Networking can be many people's idea of hell.  

Speaking to strangers that have no interest in what you do.  Swapping business cards (what?).

But it's often your first piece of advice.  

"Keep working your connections"
"Build a network"
"Leverage that network"

But what does that mean?

I did face to face networking at a very intensive group for four years.  

And this is how I made it work.  

No-one wants to be sold to.  
Everyone wants more sales.  
So help them out.
Give them a piece of advice.  
Connect them with someone who might be useful.
Put them in touch with a potential customer.  

That way, they remember you.  
And when the time comes, and they meet someone who needs what you do, you'll be the first name on their lips.  

Even better, a recommendation like that, coming from a third-party with nothing to gain from it, is far better than any full-on sales pitch.  

So it's more likely to result in work for you.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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