How to delegate ... part three

So we've got a procedure to follow when performing a task.

We've got follow-up checks to tick off when we've completed the task.

We're getting good at this delegation lark aren't we?

Almost. Not quite.

Now we need to take those follow-up tasks and record them somewhere. Put a chart up on the wall, do a spreadsheet. Add a point for each item checked off o the procedure. If you've got more than one person doing these tasks for you, put all their names up there.

And then decide which tasks, which checklist items are the most important. Devise a little formula that adds weights to the important items and converts it all to a single score, out of 10, or out of 100.

Then, every month, publish everyone's scores (along with the formula for calculating the scores).

Not only do you have a written down procedure, a checklist to ensure things are done properly, but an indication of who is doing well and who needs to improve.

Take action: This scoreboard indicates who is performing well on key tasks. We just need a three letter acronym to describe these scores.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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