How much do I charge to write lead generation emails?

So I saw this question being asked the other day and I thought it interesting.

"How much should I charge to write emails for a company - I'm writing emails to generate leads. It's my first time doing this .. can you recommend any sites for guidance?"

The thing is, given the information there, I wouldn't even touch the job.

What conversion rate are they expecting?

What’s the value of the sale?

How many emails are they sending, what’s the target audience and how closely does the list match that target audience?

If you don’t know those things you’re setting yourself up to fail. The campaign will fail, the client will blame you and you will feel terrible.

You need to remember that, deep down, the client doesn’t want an email from you, they want you to get them more sales.

And that information, requested at the top, will help you achieve that.

Then you can use that to calculate a price.

Don't figure it out on an hourly rate, because that undervalues your expertise. Think of it this way - next month, you're going to get a similar job and you're going to be better at writing these emails. Six months on, you'll get more jobs like this and you'll be better yet. And each time you get better, you get faster at writing more effective emails. So if you charge by the hour, you're getting paid less for doing better work.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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