Have you heard of polyphasic sleep?

Have you heard of polyphasic sleep?

Steve Pavlina found that if he took a nap every 6 times a day, he could get by with just 2 hours sleep in 24.  And still felt good.  However, he went back to normal sleep because the world doesn't run on that schedule.

My client came to me saying he was going to use the same approach so he could finish his client work and actually get paid.

I said there was a better way.

We put his projects into priority order (financial and impact).

He had 4 high priority clients and many low priority ones.

So, he told the low priority clients that there would be a delay.  They already knew he had been struggling.

He told the important clients that he was running late but they were his priority.  They were pleased to hear it.

We allocated one day per week to each project and sent progress updates every Friday.

The clients were pleased to see things were moving.

He reached milestones in the projects and got paid.  And he made it through some really tough times.

The lesson being that if you're struggling, don't cut back on your sleep.  Get some perspective and approach your work differently instead.

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Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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