Have you ever been ghosted by a potential client?

Has it ever happened where you've been talking to a potential client, and they seem really excited about what you do. You can see it in their eyes, their attention focused on you as you explain how you can life their business out of the doldrums and into the stratosphere. They say "My business partner needs to hear this", so you arrange a call between the three of you; next Tuesday at 2pm.

Monday, you send a reminder email. No reply, but that's not unusual. It was just a reminder after all.

Tuesday, you start getting a bit nervous at around midday. You know your stuff, they're interested, it will be fine. But it's still a bit nerve-wracking.

At 2pm, you settle into your chair, notebook at the ready and dial the number.

No answer.

You wait two minutes, then dial again.

Still no answer.

You wait for a couple of hours, then send through an email, saying you tried calling but could not get through; then asking if they'd like to reschedule.

No reply.

You call again on Thursday. You email again on Friday.

Then, you give up.


Not even a "we're not interested".

Want to know why this happens?

Photo by Syarafina Yusof on Unsplash

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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