Ghosted by a potential client

So you've been ghosted by a potential client.

And you're somewhat annoyed.

"How rude! They could at least have let me know".

But really?

What's actually going on here?

You are trying to get them to buy into your services. To buy into you.

You expect them to get back to you when they're not, for some reason, interested.

What do you want them to say to you?

What would you say when someone wants you to buy their services and it's not really the right thing for you (or the right time, or the right person or you just don't have the cash)?

If you're expecting them to get back to you, they are going to expect to have to give you an excuse. Social niceties demand it. So they're going to have to be put on the spot and come up with something that's plausible, but won't offend you. Because you're a nice person and they're a nice person and it's only polite.

Basically, you're demanding that they feel awkward when the real problem is that you failed in your sales pitch.

Because 99.99% of sales fail long before the sales call.

They fail because of positioning.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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