Follow ups

The client that I mentioned yesterday, doesn't have to do too much to fulfil his orders; it's all delegated to others.

But what he does spend his time doing, is dealing with enquiries. Again, this could probably be delegated to others, but he's the face of the company and he wants to control the message himself.

So whenever the phone rings, he answers it and deals with whatever they've asked. Sometimes it's a large order, so they don't want to place it through the website. Sometimes it's a request for a sample. Sometimes it's just a question about sizes and materials.

Every time the phone rings, my client deals with the request and then is sure to write it down. More importantly, he also schedules a follow up. Give it a couple of days and then call them back. Ask if everything has been dealt with to their satisfaction, ask if they like the sample or would like to see something different, ask if there's anything else they need to know.

That simple act, gently following up, has netted him thousands in extra sales over just a few weeks. It's probably the single most important thing you can change about your sales process, if you're looking to boost your results.

Take action: Do you schedule friendly follow-ups? Why not?

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Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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