Doing things differently on an iPad

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I've mentioned before about how an iPad (especially the Pro variant) can probably become your primary computer.

The advantages are that it is significantly lighter and easier to carry around with you, the battery lasts all day, you can buy a model with a SIM card so you're always connected and you can sketch and draw to your heart's content.

But some things you need to do differently.

Excel is the example everyone cites when it comes to using an iPad for "real work". And true, spreadsheets, especially big ones, are a pain on an iPad (although Numbers is better than Excel).

However, what exactly are you doing on Excel?

If you're doing lists, Trello's probably a better bet. If you're doing calculations, take a look at Soulver. And if you're generating your weekly sales report, how about getting your IT people to build you a live sales dashboard? Instead of updating your team with the latest figures once a week, there's nothing stopping you from having a big screen in the office showing your statistics in real-time.

Weekly updates are so 20th Century.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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