Doing a quarterly plan

I’ve not done a detailed plan for the whole year 2018. Instead I’m doing a quarterly plan, one for January, February and March.

It falls into three areas, as you might guess.

Sales - I had a revenue target for up till March, but then I looked at our work in progress and if all goes according to plan then I’ll hit that anyway. So I’ve increased the target.

Operations - we’ve got a number of projects in progress at the moment - these need to be finished, and in order to do so, we’ve increased the size of the team significantly.

Finance - because of the increase in numbers, finance is going to be very tight. In fact, it’s fair to say this quarter is a gamble that is pretty much high-risk. Things may be amazing in a few months. Or there’s every chance I won’t be writing this email come April.

Take action What do your next three months look like?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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