Do you know who to follow up with?

Do you know who to follow up with?

So I came up with a sales process. It made me more confident and boosted my business, without feeling like I was being a slime-ball. In fact, I feel better about my clients, because I know I can help them now. If you’d like to read more about how that happened, take a look here.

One of the questions I can now answer is “do I know who to follow up with?”

Buyers and sellers move at different speeds.

In an ideal world, everyone you meet would be wanting your products or services and, more importantly, be ready to buy.

But it’s not an ideal world. Maybe the buyer likes what you have, but just bought a new one last week. Or maybe the buyer can’t afford what you have.

If you’re anything like me, time is the one thing you don’t have much of.

So don’t waste your time pursuing buyers who aren’t ready.

How do you know if they’re ready or not? That’s what your sales pipeline is supposed to find out.

Take action Go through your list of prospects (you do have a list of prospects, right?) and make a snap judgement - how likely are they to buy in the next three months (or weeks, or days, depending on your sales cycle). Then discard those with a less than 50% chance.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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