Do it later

You've seen the perfect thing. It looks amazing. It's even relevant for your work, so it counts as a business expense and you can claim the VAT back on it.

So you should go out and buy it, right?

You know what I'm going to say.

Do it later.

It can wait till tomorrow.

Then when tomorrow comes, it can wait till the day after.

After a few days of this, it will either become unbearable and you know you'll have to buy it. Or you'll realise you were just captivated by the shininess.

Take Action: Look long and hard at the things you think you need to buy, whether for you or for your business. And put it off.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

Rubyist since 1.8.6. Freelancer since 2007, dedicated to building incredible, low-cost, bespoke software for tiny businesses. Also CTO at Collabor8Online.
Leeds, England