Digitising your Course Materials


It's a horrible word isn't it.

One of those ugly modern words that we all have to put up with nowadays.

But it's pretty important.

We live in a digital world. People expect a business to have a website; without one you're probably an amateur. People expect a business to have a social media presence; without one you probably don't have anything worth talking about.

And when it comes to delivering training, more and more people expect at least part of the course to be delivered online. They don't want to be travelling to some venue, taking time out of their busy day, drinking bad coffee and eating stale sandwiches. They want to learn when they're ready, at a time and place that's convenient to them.

Which means you. as a trainer, need to get digital or be left behind.

But don't worry. It doesn't have to be difficult.

If you've got handouts or if you have a Powerpoint presentation you're already half the way there. And if you've got an outline or a script that you follow, that's just perfect.

So what do you need to get an amazing digital version of your course materials?

Ideally, a Powerpoint presentation and a script. If you have handouts, we can turn them into a Powerpoint, if you have an outline or notes, we just need to work together to expand those into a script.

Then, at EchoDek, we have a voice-over artist and recording engineer, ready and able to take your words and convert them into a professional video presentation. Depending upon the exact content, it's normally around £250 (plus VAT) for a 20 minute presentation (that's around 3000 words in your script) - with all the technical hassles taken away; you give us your knowledge and we digitise it for you.

If you'd like to know more then email hello@clientrobot.com, call 07525 171557 or register and get started today as we only have a limited number of slots each month.


Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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