Difficult client... or me?

Difficult client... or me?
I'm working on a website with a client who is increasingly difficult and I'm trying to figure out how to best mitigate the situation.

I was brought on to do a couple of tasks and he wanted to get the site out in a couple of days. He said his other designer was busy and not available, which I thought was a red flag. The site was not well designed, mostly by him, and I made some suggestions on how to present the information better and to add information. At first he was very dismissive of what I had to say and lectured me on how I didn't understand his project and what I suggested was out of line.

Your client has hired you because you're an expert.  They need your help, they trust your judgement, they see you as a consultant, an advisor.  Not just the hired help.  

Or do they?

On "All Work, No Pay", Nathan Thomas from Coded4 discusses difficult clients and how to deal with them, especially when they keep changing the brief and moving the goal posts.

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If you prefer to read instead of listen, the transcript is available in this week's Daily Update - available for members at https://clientrobot.com/allworknopay

And if you're looking for a fast, effective website, contact Nathan at nathan@coded4.com

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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