I went to visit a client of mine a few months back.

He used to have a physical, retail, shop. But he's since gone online only. As part of how he's restructured his business, he's hit on a formula that I think is absolutely ideal.

Most of his sales come through his website. When an order is received, he has a fulfilment team, based in another office a few miles away.

Each member of that team has a written down procedure on how to deal with each aspect of the order. Not only does this mean that the team member can get things done quickly and efficiently. But it also means that when someone else joins, they can get up to speed incredibly quickly as well.

All of which means that my client can spend a good chunk of his day, sat in his kitchen, researching articles for his website and drinking tea. Which sounds like a pretty good day to me.

Take action: How do you deliver work? How much of it goes through you and how much can be delegated?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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