Content marketing is a great way to get leads ... but what should I post about

Content marketing is a great way to get leads ... but what should I post about

It's a pretty common question - "what do I post about?"

What I do is I look at questions that the people are asking, then write posts answering them.  Today I posted about someone whose contract was coming to an end but the client wanted them to "hang around" - I've never been in that situation, but I know what I would do if it happened to me - so that's what my post was.

A side-effect of this is you start to notice patterns in what people are struggling with.

In my case, I've noticed a lot of freelancers and consultants believing that the client holds all the power in their relationship - if the client says jump, you have to ask how high.

But I believe that's not true.

You're an expert.  They hired you because you know things that they don't.  And if the client isn't treating you correctly, then you should walk away.

You deserve better.

It took me many long years to reach that conclusion myself.  And now I'm very selective over who I work with.  I have a research system to discover what they need.  I have a qualification process to ensure they're a good fit.  And I make sure I set expectations before we begin.

If you'd like to get there faster than I did, so you avoid the deadbeats and go straight to the joyful (and high-paying) clients, message me.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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