Baby Steps

When times are hard it’s easy to get overwhelmed by yourself, to get paralysed by the situation.

That’s what’s happened to me for the last couple of weeks.

But I am coming out of it, I got through it, and I did it by consistently moving forwards. They may have been tiny steps, but each step made a difference.

I’ve got a “system” which sounds very fancy but all it actually means is I know what I need to do next.

I have a “theme of the week” so it’s easy to figure out what to post on LinkedIn.

I have email templates written up so if someone asks me for a copy of “Profit First” (message me if you’d like a free copy) I don’t have to think what to say.

I have a simple process I follow, when someone is interested:

  1. make contact
  2. understand why
  3. write a proposal
  4. deliver the proposal
  5. sign the contract

All of which takes away my internal barriers. I don’t need to think, I don’t need motivation, I can just work on auto pilot.

It’s not been easy, but it’s got me through the last few weeks. And it’s worked, one new client last week, one hopefully signing today (only a small job) and a proposal to write for a huge project today.

Just keep moving. Baby steps. One after the other.

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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Leeds, England