A Slice of the Pie

"A slice of the pie" by Nick Sarillo is a book about how Nick transformed his pizza restaurant by defining his company "purpose". And then plastering that purpose everywhere.

He used the purpose during hiring, so, instead of having incredibly prescriptive policies and procedures, he gave his staff the freedom to act how they wanted - as long as it aligned with that purpose.

I couldn't get hold of this book as an audio-book, so I was reading it on the sofa, most evenings. On the day after hearing Sean D'Souza talk about uniqueness, I picked up the book and started reading - by now I was about three chapters in.

But when it comes to serendipitous timing, this wasn't enough. More on that tomorrow.

Take action: What's your company purpose?

Rahoul Baruah

Rahoul Baruah

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