The Art and Science of Ruby

When you started working for yourself, did you dream of the freedom to do things the right way, the flexibility to choose your own hours and maybe, just maybe, a bit of extra cash to spend how you saw fit?

But now, you’re a couple of years in, you’re constantly dealing with clients asking for more, you’re working longer hours than ever and you’re never sure if your finances are going to make it through to the end of the month.

If any of that sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to redefine your relationship with your clients. Position yourself as the expert, not the hired help. Charge more. And stop selling your time for money.

Martin Day said “The almost altruistic way you help people turn their businesses back into the joy they went into business for, rather than the chore they endure on a daily, weekly, monthly basis I find quite remarkable … I now feel confident I will be able to claim my life back, enjoy my family and not resent the beast I have build up … with your help I will finally become a business owner and no longer the least respected employee

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