Rahoul BaruahBeing a professional software developer requires a lot of knowledge.

Not just knowing your way around Ruby and its libraries. You need to learn all about Rails, as that’s where most of the jobs are.

But that’s not enough either.

SQL, whether MySQL or PostgreSQL. Coffeescript and Javascript and maybe ES6. Angular or Ember or React.

Then there’s the techniques. Test-Driven Development, Behaviour-Driven Development. Scrum and Kanban. You need to stay on top of best practices.

And even when you know all this stuff, you still need to get a job, whether freelance or full-time. And get your next job after that. And after that. How do you sell yourself to potential employers and clients?

So much to learn!

It can be overwhelming at times.

You need to:

  • Make the right decisions in your code.
  • Understand how to structure your database.
  • Build great user-interfaces.

I’ve been a software developer for twenty years, with the last ten specialising in Rails. I’ve worked on projects big and small, and I can show you how to step up your career.

That’s what the Art and Science of Ruby is about.

The science; the language, the libraries, the processes to get things done.

The art; the design, the communications, the relationships to better your career.

Everything that great Ruby developers need to know.

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