Sitemap - 2021 - The Art && Science of Ruby

Using Hotwire with Ruby on Rails

What if you only had one year?

How do you specialise?

Charge more

How can I keep my client from requesting one update after another?

Advice for new web developers

What do you do when your client treats you like crap?

How to estimate a web development project

What do you do if you quote far less than the time the job actually took?

Is what you do easy to sell?

Who do your clients think you are?

The difference between specialisation and niches

The tech world moves too fast

What are you doing next week?

How do you compete against Fiverr?

What do you do when every client is different?

Is the customer always right?

The only constant is change

No politics at Basecamp ... a personal view

Why do most product launches fail?

Is running a business like The Apprentice?

What do you offer?

How do you deal with rushed deadlines?

What do programmers do all day?

Why tea is better than coffee ... and other questions

How to earn £10k in a month

The Phoenix Project

Why do specialists earn more than generalists?

We are all complicit

Is it too late to launch an app?

The most valuable thing about you is not what you do ...

What do I post about?

"I just worked my second day as a developer and ... wow"

Startup Advice - with Michael Edwards

How do you close on the fence clients?

How to do networking

Quoted the client fewer hours than it actually took...

How to get clients...

What is a productised service?

What tech should I use to build this website?

I need to get organised - which project management system should I use?

How do you get hired as a developer?

I sent the proposal but I never heard back from the client

It's "Finding a new Client" time which means dealing with the dreaded "Get back to us in a month" response

What effect does doing boring work have on you as a web developer?

Content marketing is a great way to get leads ... but what should I post about

How do you stand out from the crowd on social media?

The most important part of any project

The most valuable thing about you is not what you do...

How much should I charge?

The trouble with being a perfectionist...

My contract is up, but the client wants me to "stick around for a bit".

Client loves work but the person paying thinks it looks cheap and feels the price was too expensive

How to get more, better clients...

About metadata

Time can't be managed

How much do I charge for my assistant's work?

How to successfully launch a product business in four weeks

Charging by the hour vs fixed prices

Ever been ghosted by a potential client?

How much work should I do for free to gain experience?

Four steps to getting more from your time

How to be ten times more productive

Good Habitz for looking after your money

Good Habitz for looking after your money

If I just had a couple more hours in the day

Tips for scaling to manage growth

Tips on scaling to manage growth

The business of freelancing?

My business is becoming my life, now I get constant anxiety and stress.

busy != productive

My business is becoming my life, now I get constant anxiety and stress.

Branching out on my own - or sticking with the corporate life?

Have you heard of polyphasic sleep?

Branch out on my own or continue the corporate path?

How to price without worrying about your costs

The difference between costing and pricing

Why are pricing and costing separate skills? And why do people mix them up?

How does a local service business generate leads?