Sitemap - 2017 - The Art && Science of Ruby

How can I make it a fantastic New Year?

What is my audience interested in?

What is a lead magnet?

How do I build a mailing list?

Do I need a mailing list?

Cleaning your plate

What is stopping you making more money?

You can make time

Why shouldn't you use the same password on multiple sites?

Do I need a CRM?

You have to improve the world

What is a VPN?

The Helicopter Option

Calendars and To-do Lists

Prepare for GDPR

Why I love Apple

Do it later

What should I write about on my blog?

Will I get compensation if my website goes down?

Do I need a blog?


Do it now

The Outline Proposal

The e-myth revisited

Take Action

The weekly grind

What does your website do?

Should I pay a monthly fee to maintain my website?

Is public Wifi still safe?

Is public Wifi safe?

Say thank you


Why I talk about myself when hiring remote workers

Hiring remote workers

What are you worth?


About the Apple Watch

Three good things for October

Is it safe to receive payments via Paypal?

What should I automate?

Snapchat vs Instagram vs Whatsapp vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Whatever

Nothing lasts forever

What matters in software?

Finishing the project

60, 36, 12, 3, 1 and a quarter


How I learnt to love sales



Creating standard operating procedures

Brown M&Ms

Making time for creativity

Cost, Price and Value

You can always make another dollar, you can't make another minute


What does that padlock icon in my browser mean?


I have no idea what anyone is doing!

What's your story?

Writing an employee handbook

When should you ask for help?

Three good things for September

Failing fast

The value in repeat business

What stages do your jobs go through?

Working in an office vs working remotely

If you ran your business off a whiteboard, what would it look like?

Personal Trainers

Doing things differently on an iPad

Weekly Goals

Why we have an Action Plan Meeting

The basics of Search Engine Optimisation

The most important technology in the world

My greatest business achievement

Why sales is a "numbers game"

The most important piece of business software

Control what you can, ignore what you can't

The Coming Revolution: Immortality

The Coming Revolution: Driverless Cars

The Coming Revolution: Privacy

The Coming Revolution: Machine Learning

Three good things for August

The coming revolution: Augmented Reality

The Value of Money

How I write these letters

Keeping track of quotes, jobs and invoices

The Task List Rhythm

The best place to eat in Leeds

What I look for when I'm hiring a developer

My new best friend

One simple habit that makes me better at what I do


Dog lead etiquette

Can an iPad be your primary computer?

Stop firefighting

Loving what you do (part 2)

How do I take payments online?

Weekly team meetings

Loving what you do

Default Diary

Should you give away your best stuff?

A fantastic place to work

Three good things for July

What is a CRM?

35 steps to heaven

Don't forget to take a moment

Do I need to worry about cybersecurity?

Will technology save me?

Why every business should have an org chart

How to get more hours in your day

The EchoDek Daily


Three good things for January

The right place at the right time