You can make time


There’s only 24 hours in a day. Only 7 days in a week. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

That’s true right?

Well, sort of.

While you can never get time back, you can invest time and get a return on that investment.

A very simple example - I have email templates written up for a number of tasks. I manage a group where I have to remind people that they are due to give a presentation each week. So the first week, I wrote the reminder email, but carefully worded it so it was quite generic. Then I saved it in a safe place. This meant I spent about ten minutes writing the first email, instead of 1 or 2. But now, every week, I have a really simple copy and paste job, taking about 10 seconds. So that extra 8 minutes I invested has been paid off in just a few of weeks.

Take Action: What do repetitive tasks take up your time each week? How can you template and streamline (or even automate) them?