Why I talk about myself when hiring remote workers

Why I talk about myself when hiring remote workers

When I’m interviewing a software developer, almost half the time is spent talking about me. My background, my family, why I set up the company.

It might sound like ego, but it’s all part of my carefully prepared process for hiring the right people.

Often, when hiring remote workers, you are just seen as a machine that feeds items of work. Here’s an item, get it done, send it back. A production line.

That’s not what I’m looking for.

Software development is a creative endeavour and it’s something that requires people with a spark.

So I make sure that the applicant knows who I am, what sort of person I am - so they understand that there’s a human being on the other side of those requests.

Because, like everything, it’s all about relationships.

Take Action: Write down why someone would want to work with you? What’s in it for them - not just money, but what will their day look like? If you get the rest right, the money becomes much less important.