Who said what?

Who said what?

So I came up with a sales process. It made me more confident and boosted my business, without feeling like I was being a slime-ball. In fact, I feel better about my clients, because I know I can help them now. If you’d like to read more about how that happened, take a look here.

One of the questions I can now answer is “who said what to whom?”

Have you ever had it where you ring a customer up and say something to them … and then the customer says “yeah, Jane emailed me with all this information two days ago”. It’s pretty embarrassing, as it makes you look just a bit incompetent.

You should be tracking your communications with clients and storing it all centrally. So before you ring your customer, you can take a quick look at their file, see who said what, and know exactly what you do and don’t need to say.

Take action Where are your customer interactions stored?