What tech should I use to build this website?

Does it even matter?

You've just had an enquiry from a local roofing company wanting a website building.  Now you're thinking of the best way to build it.  

But if you're starting from the technology, you're looking at it the wrong way.  

Yes, from your point of view, you're great with tech.  There are options galore.  So many to choose from.  So many that you know really well.  So many that you'd love to learn.  

But from your client's point of view, they don't want someone who's great with tech.  They just want someone who's great at getting them results.  

The tech doesn't matter.  
The results do.  

So ask the client what results they actually want.  
Is it recognition?  Is it enquiries?  Is it sales?
Ask them why they want those results?
(Because ultimately, recognition and enquiries are likely to be reducible to sales).
Ask them what impact success will have on their business.  
And, more importantly, ask them what impact failure will have on their business.  

Then you can choose your tech (and your price) from those solid foundations.