What is a funnel?

A funnel is a series of steps to find out if someone wants to be your client. You filter people out by asking them to change a deeply held belief.

So here’s my funnel.

My client is a web developer who believes “running a business is a struggle involving long hours, money worries and sacrifice”. But now she’s wondering how long she can continue this way.

Step 1: I post on LinkedIn. She connects and learns who I am.

Step 2: I post my “free 5 Day Challenge on increasing your income without longer hours”. She thinks “I DO work long hours and I DO need more income” so she signs up.

Step 3: She does the challenge and learns what she needs to change. Now her belief is “I can take my business forwards without constant hustle”

Step 4: She has a call with me to learn more. Afterwards she believes “Baz is the right person to help me move forwards quickly”

Step 5: We work together and add strong foundations to her business. The relief is immediate and in 12 weeks she can see real improvements.

Step 6: We both grow rich, happy and fulfilled. Me with a Porsche 911. Her with a villa in Portugal.

So this is Step 1.

Remember, very few will reach Steps 4 or 5. Most won’t get past this post.

What’s stopping you from registering for the Challenge and trying Step 2?