What effect does doing boring work have on you as a web developer?


What effect does working on boring projects have on you as a web dev?

This is a problem I understand all too well.  

A lot of the stuff I build is very narrow.  We use this database, this framework, these UI layouts, this style of coding.  


And I like to think of myself as a creative.  
An artist.  
Someone who creates code that is elegant and succinct.  

And that makes a lot of the work I do pretty dull.  

However, I am on long term retainers for that work.  So I get paid, week in week out, month in, month out.  

And I chose that path.  

Remember, when you work for yourself, you get to choose.  

- Who do you work for?
- What type of work do you do?
- How do you do it?

It may seem that you're going pretty narrow.  But there are seven billion people out there - so there's someone who wants what you do.