What do you offer?

And is it easy to sell?

Why did you get your last client?

What was it about you that made them choose you do to the work?

More importantly - why did you fail to get your last prospect?

Why did they politely say no? Why did they never return your email? Why did they choose someone else?

Every project has an objective. An outcome that the client is looking to achieve.

They don’t care about your skills. They don’t care about your experience. They don’t care how elegant the code you write is.

They care that you will take them to their outcome for a price that makes sense. And you won’t fuck it up.

When you put together a method for showing them that you know what they want, that it’s worth the fee you charge and that you know what you’re doing, you’ll find the clients will be happy to choose you. And they’ll choose you over people with more experience or with lower rates because you’re actually giving them what they want.